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Is this what I was born to do Marjorie Hinckley /Work is love made visible/many hands make light work/encourage eternal family friendships
accentuate the positive eliminate the negative/Book Transforming the intense child/Catch your kids doing things right/dont take people aha experiences away
Book arm the children/Book helping children success paul tough/righteous traditions/be a salvager/gathering to help each other rally together
be each others greatest cheerleaders/Maryisms from the mouth of Teresa Poppins /Why do all your children love one another and are best friend adults
Because I spent a lot of time saying /write down the positive things you only have so much time in life collect the good and expect that challenging but collect the good
Its just a stage /They’ll grow out of it /We will fix it
Im so sorry you are hurting I don’t think they would mean that lets go figure it out /Ill make you a new one /You will be best friends your whole life
I could make your life miserable /Remember your Mother is a smart cookie /
I hope you have twins just like yourself (Danny Triplets) why should I be punished for Adams sins and not my own transgressions
Accentuate the positive minimize the negative /Don’t cut a whole in your marble bag /Their cake is only half baked don’t open the oven door too much or it will fall
Celebrate we need to do a fundraiser to save the symphony verses no we are a having a grand gala and here are tickets
Be available for talk time folding and re folding laundry /Allow people to have their own aha experience /Quick slick bed clothes dishes pride and prejudice
Even a barn looks better painted /Closing certain doors verses Jerry Springer
We all went to support each other /dance recital s ball games /Music makes a difference in the spirit of the home
Lots of events as a family dinners together /Big chart this is what we do-even though no one does it perfectly
24 hours notice tomorrow we are going to ta da /Notes on the clock
Discipline work creates character WORK IS LOVE MADE VISIBLE / What you focus on grows /Don’t announce the plan sometimes
If they are young don’t ask much pinch shoulder /Give them lots of opportunities to succeed /10 positives at least to every one negatives
First birthday party monogrammed bibs or all of the babies so I adopted a more simplicities’ approach /Danny back porch after big party with silver punch bowl for scouts
Moms id rather have a box of cookies on the back porch
Bed time every one would go to bed when everyone went to bed. Their door looked like Marleys ghost Dad went to home depot 10 times
Gram back rubs and dishes and didn’t want to be in the guest house /If you think I am staying this far away from my grandchildren you are wrong
Lots of family traditions /Gunlock /4th /Thanksgiving /Both conferences /Boat /30 seconds of silence /Lake powell /Rush to the door
Mom always get off the phone even to the day he passed we knew Dad came first and their relationship was sacred they lifted one another
Ice cream dates /Trampoline /Swing /Fig tree /Dogs /Pomegranates /Apricots /Church /Every morning scripture and prayers
Dads slide shows /FHE /Piano recitals tons of music
Mom would have you do a musical number about what ever you were struggling with tell me friend why are you blind, this life is the test
Lots of sharing of testimonies /Lots of helping each other /We are each others biggest cheerleaders
Conclusions or 20 extra pages including how they are related to Charlemagne and that is a man /Give it to them in a metaphor
Gracious Living verses goodness gracious living

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